Advantages of having industrial equipment

The poultries must be high in an adequate place to ensure their development and their growth. TEXHA Company is a...

The poultries must be high in an adequate place to ensure their development and their growth. TEXHA Company is a society engaged in the installation of a hen house.

What TEXHA Company is exactly?

It is an expert company which proposes an original and innovating concept, since now more than 14years.
Conscious of the great importance of the equipment in place of breeding, TEXHA Company is the first in the design of modern equipment using a high technology, in particular for commercial poultry housings farms and management. Its services can be found on the European territory and abroad too (Asia, America and Africa). The company is also committed to deliver and be installing equipment according to the standards, on the spot, thanks to a team of specialists. Work is thus guaranteed.

The company proposes aired poultry cages

Which are the kinds of equipment designed by TEXHA Company?

TEXHA Company proposes equipment for the production of eggs and 6 kinds of poultry cages; depend on the age of the hens. There existcages for Breeders, Pullets and Broilers, all in accordance with the standards of breeding. The company proposes aired poultry cages, with bush-hammering for the floor, space and the necessary climate. It is made with multiple layers, adapted to the farm. The filling of these conditions makes it possible to hens to avoid the stress and the wounds due to some shoddy poultries. That has a great impact in their health and the production capacity which results from it.

There are two kinds of equipment for egg production: eggs transporting and eggs sorting. The first makes it possible to transport eggs of the poultry house worm to the egg storage. During egg production, it is not rare that some is not good, from where the need for egg sorting.

The advantages of having industrial equipment

So that the poultries can make a good production, a suitable place is necessary. Commercial poultry housings farms needs regulatory equipment so that the animals can live there healthily, and thereafter, to give a better profitability to the stockbreeder.
The quality of their place of life could double the production capacity besides a good treatment of the animals. What could be better for a stockbreeder?

To increase the production capacity of poultry farming, using TEXHA Company’s equipment is the most operative, efficient and modern method. The animals can live in a fitting life condition. Great egg and meat production will be guaranteed.


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